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Menu of your choice at our traditional restaurant in Paris

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Our chef invites you to come and taste his delicious dishes, such as Escargots (snails) de Bourgogne, frog legs prepared in the Provençal style, but also our three typical French specialties which will delight both young and old. Click on the button below to download our "MONTMARTRE" menu, consisting of a starter, a main course and a dessert for €20.90. 

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Traditional or vegetarian Tartiflette


Homemade hamburger, salad and homemade French fries


Salmon penne


25cl glass of beer or soft drink or glass of wine

Our cold starters

  • Mixed salad (salad, tomatoes, egg, corn, cucumber) 9,90€

  • Cold meat platter 11,90€

  • Tomatoes with mozzarella 12,90€

  • Carpaccio of beef 14,90€

  • Smoked salmon platter 15,90€

  • Block of foie gras 18,00€

Our warm starters

  • Homemade onion soup au gratin 7,90€

  • Homemade soup of the day 7,90€

  • Salad with flambéed bacon in a vinegar dressing 8,90€

  • 6 Escargots (snails) de Bourgogne 13,90€

  • 10 Stuffed mussels 16,90€

  • Frog legs Provençal style 16,90€

Our specialities

For two persons minimum

  • Fondue Bourguignonne: prepared with the rump steak filet, it is accompanied by home fries, onions, gherkins and three different sauces (bearnaise, mayonnaise and rouille) 21,90€ per person

  • Fondue Savoyarde: a mixture of 3 cheeses (comté, beaufort and emmental) with white wine and kirsch. It is accompanied by a plate of cold meats, potatoes, onions, gherkins and pieces of bread. 21,90€ per person

  • Traditional raclette: raclette cheese, accompanied by a plate of cold cuts, potatoes, onions and gherkins. 23,90€ per person

Our meat dishes

All our meats have their origin from within

the European Union

  • Grilled chicken kebab 15,90€

  • 1/2 Roasted free range young chicken with tarragon 15,90€

  • Candied duck wings with sautéed potatoes 15,90€

  • Lamb shoulder cooked in the oven 18,90€

  • Grilled beef kebab 20,90€

Our seafood dishes

  • Grilled shrimps kebab 19,90€

  • Fresh fish from the market 19,90€

Our vegetarian dishes

  • Plain omelette 13,90€

  • Cheese omelette 13,90€

  • Mushroom omelette 13,90€

  • Mixed omelette (cheese and mushrooms) 13,90€

  • Vegetarian platter 14,90€

Our cold desserts

  • 2 scoops of ice cream 6,00€

  • Tart of the day 7,50€

  • Homemade crème caramel 7,50€

  • Fresh pineapple 7,50€

  • Dessert of the day 9,00€

Our warm desserts

  • Homemade crêpe with sugar 7,50€

  • Homemade chocolate crêpe 7,50€

  • Homemade crêpe with caramel 7,50€

  • Homemade crème brûlée 9,00€

  • Chocolate Profiterolles 9,00€

Net prices, including service.


For vegetarians, the cold meat platter will be replaced by a green salad.


All our dishes, except for the stuffed snails and mussels, are homemade. They are cooked or transformed on the spot from fresh and natural products, using traditional manners of preparation (oil, butter, etc.)


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